What makes
Digital Expanse better

Our Core Values

In an industry with zero oversight and no professional certifications it is no surprise the majority of companies take advantage of bloggers. Our CORE VALUES allow us to put your blog and growth first, resulting in a win-win relationship. When you grow, we grow, and we’ve followed this principle since we first started in 2019.

We Focus on You

We understand the unique challenges and opportunities that come with managing a blog. With over five years of experience in building, acquiring, and selling blogs, we believe in being a partner with our clients. We treat your blogs with the same level of attention and care as we do our own, and we are constantly seeking ways to proactively assist you in achieving your goals.

We are Proactive

So much so that we’ve reduced support requests by 86% by monitoring your blog across the board. Not just uptime, but GSC notices, WordPress errors and notices, Access log, and even monitoring how Google updates affect your blog. Our ultimate goal is to identify and address issues before they even become apparent to you, allowing for a smoother, more seamless blogging experience.

We Focus on Data

From day one we adopted a data-driven approach to blogging and four years later data empowers everything at Digital Expanse. We’ve analyzed years of data across hundreds of blogs to identify what works across Hosting, WordPress, Content, and Authority. The results of this approach have been nothing short of amazing.

We Understand

Similar to you, we are seasoned bloggers who have experienced the full spectrum of blog management, from building and acquiring blogs to selling them and even assisting others in the process of selling their own. As fellow blogging enthusiasts, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities within this dynamic digital landscape, enabling us to provide insightful guidance and support to our valued community.